Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Green Patriot Posters

The Canary Project have been working on a book called Green Patriot Posters which is full of designs based on WWII posters. The focus for the images in this publication has been updated from war-time efforts to promoting sustainable lifestyles and practices. There are some fabulous designs both in the book and on the website.

From: Green Patriot Posters - "During World War II the United States was able to mobilize industry and motivate its citizens in breathtaking speed. Factories were overhauled and consumption habits transformed. Strong, graphically compelling posters played a crucial role in the success of this campaign. These posters presented the actions of individual citizens as vital for the nation and portrayed those who took part as attractive, dynamic American heroes.
Today a similar mobilization is required to address the crisis of global climate change and achieve energy independence. That’s why The Canary Project and its partners have launched Green Patriot Posters..."
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