Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Creative Plastic Recycling

Given its dependence on fossil fuels and inability to decompose without taking an age and releasing noxious poisons into our atmosphere and waterways, bAA has a very uneasy relationship with plastic, actively trying to avoid it in day-to-day life as much as is possible. This is difficult as when we start to take more than cursory notice of it, we realise plastic is everywhere - in the laptop I type on, the lamp lighting my desk, the old mini toy chest converted into a ribbon box, my beloved Janome sewing machine and that's just within my immediate radius.

The fake aura of disposability that plastic seems to exude is also frustrating particularly in conjunction with our seemingly effortless ability to accept it despite being aware of the devastating effects plastic has on the earth's resources, energy, our own health and the prosperity of human and animal life on this beautiful planet.

No matter how hard we try not to purchase or acquire plastic objects or packaging, they seem to turn up everywhere. So, bAA was glad this morning to discover two completely ingenious ways of recycling just some of the plastic plethora we propagate!

The first idea, How to build your own Recycled Plastic Bottle Greenhouse is from Moray Greenspace Education Project which gives detailed but simple instruction on building a greenhouse from a timber frame and recycled plastic drink bottles. Depending on the size of greenhouse this could involve an awful lot of bottles but if it rescues a thousand odd bottles from going to landfill at least for a little while longer, that sounds worthwhile to me - not to mention the benefits of growing fruit and veg in a home-made greenhouse! Download the PDF instructions here.

The other creative idea comes from Make Magazine (YouTube) whose video Make A Messenger Bag Out Of Trash Bags! (below) shows how to fuse sewable sheets from plastic bags and turn them into useful items such as this messenger bag.

We're a teensy bit concerned about toxins that may emanate from heating the plastic bags but think this re-use project may well be worth the small risk. If you know better, please leave a comment and if you try either or both of these projects do let us know how you get on.

Happy recycling and a happy 2011 to all bluAngelAlmanac readers. May it bring much happiness, creativity, sustainable fun and many blessings to us all.

Further Info: REAP Scotland Greenspaces / Make Magazine

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