Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Jenny Wicks: Dick & Ted

Jenny Wicks is a phenomenal photographer capturing a deep level of emotion and humour in every image. Some of her work inspires simultaneous tears and laughter, other images transport us backwards in time to a part-forgotten memory or sideways into a world we may or may not have encountered before. There is something surreal yet familiar in the colours, tones, subject matter and composition, which transform ordinary scenes of everyday life into dreamlike visions.

Image Copyright: Jenny Wicks
Image Copyright: Jenny WicksJenny's newly updated website features a project called Dick & Ted which combines nostalgically shot photographs with amusing and inspiring audio of the subjects discussing themselves, the reason why there are more health issues today, the death of a friend and life in general. Their words are wise with experience and alongside Jenny's finely tuned images, are guaranteed to raise a smile.

"...The good Lord has been good to us as far as... age and health..."
"...Yes, he has...I don't know why..."
"...Live as close to nature as you possibly can. You'll not go far wrong..."

From: Jenny Wicks Photography "Dick and Ted are identical twins. Ted is 20 minutes older, although can't be sure. They were born in 1922 and for most of their lives have lived in the village I grew up in. I have always known them ... They are my local heroes" More here

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