Sunday, 21 November 2010

2 Weeks Of Global Protests

And so it begins...

Image Copyright: Reuters/Christian Charisius | Image Source: The Big Picture"Reuters/Christian Charisius: An anti-nuclear activist with a radiation symbol embroidered on his hat, during a demonstration on a field near the embarking station in Dannenberg, Germany on November 6, 2010. German police and anti-nuclear groups expected about thirty thousand demonstrators to try to block the transportation of CASTOR rail containers of reprocessed German nuclear waste from the La Hague reprocessing plant in France to the Gorleben interim storage facility in Germany"

...the 14 days up to 17th November, have seen hundreds of protests and demonstrations all over the globe. Anti-nuclear, animal rights , anti-globalisation, workers' rights, political freedoms, sexuality rights, government dissatisfaction, student protests at education cuts and much more. Is our long-germinating unease with the various status quo that have too long ruled our worlds, finally sprouting buds across the planet?

Image Copyright: Reuters/Paul Hackett | Image Source: The Big Picture"Reuters/Paul Hackett: A supporter of Myanmar democracy champion Aung San Suu Kyi demonstrates in Trafalgar Square, London November 13, 2010. Aung San Suu Kyi walked out of her home to cheers from thousands of supporters on Saturday after Myanmar's military rulers released her from seven years of house arrest."

Whilst our so called 'leaders' fail us and continue to live under the delusion that current systems of 'civilisation' will and must continue, are we finally waking up to the realisation that change is necessary yet nothing will change unless we actively assist with changing it? Have we stopped believing the lies that keep us trapped in apathy? We can and we will bring about change for the better. It has already begun...

Image Copyright: AP Photo/Spectral Q, Lou Dematteis | Image Source: The Big Picture"AP Photo/Spectral Q, Lou Dematteis: Image released by Spectral Q, people form the phrase "THE END?" on an island at the barrier reef off the coast of Belize City, Belize, Saturday Nov. 13, 2010. The demonstration was held on the final day of the Belize Reef Summit which urged global leaders to take strong action for the environment at the upcoming U.N. Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico."

From: In Protest - The Big Picture -
"Taking their desires to be heard to the streets, thousands of protesters and demonstrators around the world have recently been marching, shouting, praying, and engaging in both theater and violence to make their points. From quiet, prayerful requests for peace in Mexico to the violent takeover of an office building in London to student demonstrators in Chile and gay rights activists making a statement to the Pope in Spain, the past two weeks has been full of protest.

Image Copyright: Reuters/Stoyan Nenov | Image Source: The Big Picture"Reuters/Stoyan Nenov: Students carry books on their heads during a protest in front of Sofia University in Bulgaria on November 16, 2010. Hundreds of university students and lecturers rallied in central Sofia on Tuesday to protest against the cuts in funding for universities and the lack of clear strategy for reforms of the Balkan country's education system."

Their reasons are many - anger with austerity measures, frustration with incumbent governments and globalization, frustration with policies in other countries - even protests against other protesters. Collected here is a view of protests and demonstrations around the world over the past two weeks."

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