Friday, 8 October 2010

The Big Draw Competition

From: AccessArt
"AccessArt would like to invite you to make your mark on 2010!
As part of the Big Draw 2010, we’d like to create a drawn Visual Encyclopedia, made up of all the objects from our everyday life. We’d like to invite EVERYBODY to send us your drawings of the kinds of objects which we take for granted, and yet which over time, change in style and appearance.

Objects like…?
Anything which is relevant to you: a toy, a wellington boot, a deodorant container, a chair, a packet, a piece of furniture… NOT live things though thank you – NOT people, plants, animals…

AccessArt will then compile all the drawings into an online encyclopedia, and a pdf/book, to create not only a snapshot record of our objects in October 2010, but also a fantastic record of our drawings.

What kind of drawings?
We don’t mind what medium your drawings are in, but we would like the drawings to be on white paper, and please draw the objects in isolation (which means just the object on the white paper – do not draw a background…). And please make sure your drawings are no larger than A4.

Who can submit drawings?
We mean EVERYONE. We want to put all your drawings in one place: artist next to child, teacher next to parent… we don’t mind who you are, how old you are or where you live… And submissions are invited from all over the world; we’d love to see objects coming from ALL CULTURES.

I need help drawing..
If you’d like some drawing tips (either for yourself or to help teach others to draw), have a look at the AccessArt Draw! online workshop, or buy the Draw! PDF.

Deadline for receipt of drawings: October 31st 2010"

For more information and to find out how to submit drawings, visit the AccessArt website here

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